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President Obama Talks Alternative Fuel in Las Vegas

Obama, clean energy, alternative fuel, UPSAt a UPS facility in Las Vegas, President Obama’s podium included two of UPS’s Kenworth T800 LNG trucks.

On Thursday, President Obama visited a UPS facility in Las Vegas to pitch a plan to boost the nations’ use of natural gas.

Obama, who stood in front of two of UPS’s Kenworth T800 LNG trucks, proposed tax incentives for companies to buy natural gas trucks, which would in turn help build demand for domestic natural gas supplies.

“We’ve got a supply of natural gas under our feet that can last America nearly a hundred years,” said the president, whose re-election campaign is expected to focus a great deal on U.S. energy. “Developing it could power our cars, our homes, and our factories in a cleaner and cheaper way. The experts believe it could support more than 600,000 jobs by the end of the decade.”

The president’s stop in Las Vegas is part of a three-day, five-state tour dedicated to speaking about his energy plan. His stops include Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Michigan.

Obama’s energy initiatives are similar to those proposed by energy executive and natural-gas advocate T. Boone Pickens, who supports the president’s energy package.

“While we can take a victory lap, the work is not done,” says Pickens. “It’s great to see the president engaging in important and meaningful dialogue on this subject. But proposals are not enacted policies. The pressure needs to remain on. We can’t let the special interests do what they’ve done for 40 years, and that’s block a long-term energy plan for America.”

Pickens says he will continue to speak out on this subject and call out those working to undermine the agenda.

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