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Louisiana Plant Turns Animal Fat Into Fuel

Dynamic Fuels’ Louisiana plant uses scraps from Tyson Foods’ meat processing plant to create renewable diesel fuel.

A high-fat diet might not be good for humans, but it could be great for trucks, trains, planes and cars.

Dynamic Fuels, a joint venture between energy technology company Syntroleum and Tyson Foods, the largest meat producer in the country, has a Louisiana plant dedicated to converting animal fat to renewable diesel, reports the Huffington Post.

This “drop in” fuel can replace 100% of petroleum diesel in a diesel engine without engine modificationm according to the maker. Forbes reports that the fuel is also higher quality, with cetane levels as high as 88. The higher the cetane level is, the more even and powerful the fuel combustion. Diesel typically has a cetane level of less than 50.

The Geismar, La., plant produces about 5,000 barrels of the renewable diesel a day from scraps that come from Tyson’s meat processing plants.

In February, Dynamic Fuels signed agreements with Mansfield Oil to distribute the renewable diesel to the commercial fleet vehicle market.

“We believe our relationship with Mansfield will allow Dynamic Fuels to provide a seamless supply of renewable diesel to fleet customers at prices comparable to ultra-low sulfur diesel, as well as a petroleum diesel backstop if necessary, to ensure reliable supply,” says Ron Stinebaugh, senior vice president of Syntroleum Corp.

Dynamic Fuels also has deals with Alaska Airlines, Norfolk Southern railroad and the U.S. Navy. Last December, the Navy awarded the company a contract for 425,000 gallons of renewable diesel, the largest purchase of advanced biofuel on record.

Forbes reports that Syntroleum isn’t turning a profit on the venture yet. For that to happen, the company says, it would take expanding the scale of production and convincing consumers to pay more for the renewable fuel.

To get a look at Dynamic Fuels’ Louisiana plant, watch the below video created by the Advanced Biofuels Association.

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