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Decline in Diesel Price

According to the Department of Energy, there has been a drop in the price of diesel by 1.8 cents this week.
Information published by the Energy Information Administration, indicated the average price of diesel for this week to be $2.928. Therefore, the price of diesel has falling by 19.9 cents in a time span of 35 days.
The highest prices this week were in the Central Atlantic region, which averaged $3.067 a gallon, followed by the West Coast at $3.054 a gallon. The Gulf Coast region experienced the lowest prices, averaging $2.874 a gallon. There was a draw between the Midwest and Lower Atlantic regions for the second lowest prices in the country, at $2.892 a gallon.
However, according to reports by Bloomberg, crude oil was up Monday, following the release of Europe’s April industrial production numbers, which were better than expected.
The Wall Street Journal reported a gain of 1.8 percent to settle at $75.12 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange for crude oil.