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ATRI Updates Idling Law List

1/17/2012 5:00:00 PM
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The American Transportation Research Institute has updated its listing of local and state anti-idling laws to include two regulations that have recently taken effect and one change set to take effect soon.

Oregon’s law banning idling for longer than five minutes took effect Jan. 1, ATRI said in a Tuesday statement. Truckers face fines of up to $180 per offense, but the law makes exceptions for air conditioning or heating during extreme temperatures.

Salt Lake City bans idling longer than two minutes, with exceptions for air conditioning and heating thanks to a law passed in October. First-time offenders get a warning, but a second offense will cost $160.

A provision to West Virginia anti-idling law that allows idling for air conditioning or heating purposes will expire in May, ATRI said.

The guide is available in both a full-page and card-sized version on ATRI’s website,

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