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ATA Asks OMB to Consider if 'Legitimate' Reasons Exist for Hours Change

American Trucking Associations President and CEO Bill Graves, has written to Cass Sunstein, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget, asking whether any “legitimate reason” exists to change the current HOS rules.

In the letter, Graves points to recently unearthed data about the trucking industry’s safety performance, as well as the underlying science used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation to alter the 34-hour restart provision of the rules.

“This data, in terms of both numbers and rates, is overwhelmingly positive, is a clear indication how well trucking is performing while operating under the current HOS rules, and further demonstrates FMCSA has no evidence of a safety problem with the current rules,” Graves said of the recently discovered 2009 Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts, which showed historic low levels of truck crashes.

Graves asked OMB to review the data “as you decide whether FMCSA and DOT have any legitimate reason to issue a new rule with significant public policy changes.”

The letter also draws Sunstein’s attention to the “findings” and “recommendations” used by FMCSA and DOT to craft their proposed changes to the 34-hour restart. Those findings come from a single study that the researchers themselves said was not enough to answer all the questions surrounding the rule’s effect on safety.

“An objective read makes clear that this single study is insufficient to justify a policy change,” Graves said, comparing the need for more research to the Obama administration’s recent decision to delay approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline in lieu of further study.

“Critical highway safety policy decisions by our government deserve no less scrutiny and understanding by government policymakers and the public than environmental and energy decisions,” Graves said.

For more details and background, read Washington Editor Oliver Patton’s story.

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American Trucking Associations President and CEO Bill Graves, has written to Cass Sunstein, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget, asking whether any “legitimate reason” exists to change the current HOS rules….

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New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte introduced a measure to block the pending rewrite of the hours of service rule.

Offered as an amendment to the 2012 transportation appropriations bill, which the Senate is working on this week, the provision would cut off funds to enforce or implement the new rule….

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If you count all the money spent on highways in the last federal transportation program, each state got more than it put in to the Highway Trust Fund.

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Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood made it known today that he will be leaving his current post in 2012. In questions that came following a speech at the national press Club in Washington, LaHood told reporters that he would not seek a second term as Transportation Secretary, nor would he be running for any other public office — including the Governorship of his home state of Illinois….

10/13/2011 – Infrastructure Bank Going Nowhere in House

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica convened a hearing yesterday on President Obama’s proposal to create a national infrastructure bank, and opened the event by making the situation perfectly clear.

“I’m afraid that the national infrastructure bank is dead on arrival in the House,” he said….

10/13/2011 – Deaf Truck Drivers Can Now Apply for CDL Exemptions

The National Association of the Deaf says more than 20 deaf and hard of hearing truck drivers who submitted applications for an exemption from the DOT hearing requirements are now being considered for full Commercial Driver’s Licenses….

10/11/2011 – ATA Urges State Department to Move Forward on Keystone XL Pipeline

The American Trucking Associations has asked the State Department to issue a presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. The project will provide jobs, as well as affordable access to reliable energy, for and the entire U.S. economy, ATA says….

10/7/2011 – Teletrac Wins FMCSA Contract for Cross-Border Long-Haul Trucking Program

The Department of Transportation has selected Teletrac to provide fleet tracking and Hours of Service software to FMCSA for its United States – Mexico cross-border, long-haul trucking pilot program….

10/6/2011 – Boehner, Cantor Call on DOT to Halt HOS Rewrite

The top Republican leaders of the House have joined the chorus calling on the Department of Transportation to withdraw the pending hours of service rewrite and stick with the current rule….

10/6/2011 – Shipper Group Launches Video Campaign for Heavier Trucks

The Coalition for Transportation Productivity has launched a digital video campaign to rally support for federal truck weight reform legislation known as the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act (SETA), S. 747, H.R. 763….

10/6/2011 – FMCSA to Study Individual Driver Differences, Performance Capabilities, Risk Factors

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration intends to investigate the differences among characteristics of individual commercial drivers that may or may not factor into crash propensity….

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Tank carriers are asking the Department of Transportation to drop a pair of rules-in-progress on grounds that they are unnecessary and ineffective.

John Conley, president of the National Tank Truck Carriers, the industry’s national association, asked Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to consider withdrawing two proposals that fit President Obama’s description as putting “an unnecessary burden on businesses.” …